Safety instructions

Before each boarding, we instruct all passengers on the necessary procedures to keep themselves safe during the flight. These instructions are also contained in a brochure handed out before starting the instruction session.

See below the contents of our brochure regarding the maintenance of flight safety.

Please, carefully read these instructions before entering the landing area



Observe the safety cut-off height indicated at the entrance of the landing area, and move in a curved manner so that during the time you are at the landing area you maintain the stated height limit of 1.70 meters.

Wait for permission to enter the landing area and only proceed to the aircraft accompanied by the boarding agent.

Always board and debark through the left door of the helicopter.


Step on the landing skids


Be careful not to trip on the helicopter landing skids when boarding and debarking.

When boarding or debarking the aircraft, never move away from the boarding agent and never approach the tail rotor of the helicopter.


Never raise your arms


It is expressly forbidden to jump or even raise your arms above your head while on the landing area.

Children will be safely taken by those responsible and placed in the middle seat in the rear seat of the helicopter.


Boarding of children
Fast boarding


Be brief during boarding and debarking and do not stop under the helicopter blades. It is forbidden to take pictures in the landing area.

It is expressly forbidden to use photography stems (selfie stick) while in the landing area.


Not allowed
Objects in hands


During boarding or debarking, it is not allowed to carry loose objects such as hats, coats, magazines and others.

While in the helicopter, it is not allowed to smoke, carry bottles, beverage cans, dangerous objects or flammable material.


Beverages and flammable
Never put your arm outside


It is not allowed to throw any type of object out of the helicopter window. While taking pictures, keep your hands inside the helicopter. Never put your hands outside the aircraft windows.

É obrigatório o uso do cinto de segurança durante todo o voo.

The seat belt shall only be unbuckled at the end of the flight, upon request of the boarding agent. To open, make the moves 1 and 2 shown next.


How to buckle the belt
Do not change seats


It is forbidden to change seats during the flight.


Once boarded, never touch the internal door handles/locks of the helicopter, nor use them as arm support.


Do not touch the door handle
Wait for the boarding agent


The aircraft doors may only be opened/closed by the boarding agent. Wait for the instruction to enter/exit the helicopter.

Is it forbidden to use cell phones for calls during the flight and as well as in restricted areas of the helipad.


Do not speak on cell phones during the flight


Defensive position


In any emergency situation, follow the pilot’s instructions.
In case of forced landing, place yourself in the position shown next.

The fire extinguisher is located between the front seats in the central column of the aircraft.


Fire extinguisher
First aid kit


The first aid kit and the life vests are located behind the rear seat of the aircraft.

Wait for the rotors to stop completely to safely debark.
In case of landing in the water, exit the aircraft through the door on your left.


Wait for debark

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