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  Tempo restante sté o começo das Olimpíadas 2016

           Dias              Horas         Minutos       Segundos

  Tempo restante sté o começo das Olimpíadas 2016




OUR PANORAMIC FLIGHTS - Operating in Rio de Janeiro since 1991, Helisight offers several itineraries with duration ranging from 6 to 60 minutes. The privileged location of our helipads, settled in city post cards, opens in seconds of flight, new angles of the known scenarios. When flying around the Christ the Redeemer one can see details hidden by the distance: the beauty of its craftsmanship coating and the perfect integration between the statue and the grandiosity of Corcovado. A longer flight takes you to overfly the Tijuca National Park, green lung of the city, the extensiveness of Barra da Tijuca and the beauty of the mountains and peaks. The integration of the cosmopolitan city with the casualness of the beach and the outdoor sports.


TRAINING - The operation of our helipads requires a series of special care, being the training and maintenance of a specialized team one of the most important.

Through highly specialized instructors, Helisight maintains its operational team in constant recycling with great focus on safety and all its aspects. Our continuous training program covers all areas of the operation.


SAFETY - The main goal of our operation is the safety of our passengers. Thus, our operating routine in the helipads is concentrated in two essential actions:

1) Before each boarding, through a presentation made by trained staff, we provide the passengers with all fundamental information for comfort and safety during the flight. This information is also available on flyers handed, at the same time, to all passengers.

2) All boarding and landing of the aircrafts are coordinated by boarding professionals who guide and lead the passengers totally safe to the exit of the takeoff and landing area.


MAINTENANCE - The aircrafts maintenance is carried out by Helisul, a company to which we are associated, and that has over 40 years of experience in this area. Helisul gives us full operational base since the beginning of our activities in Rio de Janeiro.






With a fleet of over 50 helicopters, Helisul is considered the largest company in Brazil in helicopters services on land, having operational bases in Santa Catarina, Paraná, Rio de Janeiro and maintenance bases in the Legal Amazon, Maranhão and Brasilia, besides the panoramic flights operation in Foz do Iguaçu.


Helisul operational structure operates in several segments of the aerial services through its bases settled in strategic points of the Brazilian territory. Holder of recognized expertise, Helisul is technically capable and legally recognized to provide the following services:


                                   ✓  SAS - Specialized Aerial Services

                                   ✓  Aeromedical service

                                   ✓  Fixed base operation

                                   ✓  Aircrafts maintenance

                                   ✓  Panoramic flights

                                   ✓  Aircraft charter services

                                   ✓  External load

                                   ✓  Firefighting